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Your OSHC by Camp Australia is setting the standard in Outside of School Hours Care. We understand that not one size fits all, and we are here to provide a leading solution that encompasses your culture, diversity, and needs, as an extension of your school community – a service that you can truly call your own.

  • A true extension of your school and community, also supporting with school events, fundraising and orientation.
  • Engaging programs that include exciting and varied activities and components of your school’s curriculum.
  • A tailored model that offers a competitive return for your school whilst providing affordable care for your community.
  • An annual budget to invest back into your school’s facilities and community.
  • A dedicated qualified Coordinator to lead the team every day.
  • Child safety and security, our number one priority.
  • A dedicated team of experts that are always available to you.

Discover how we will add value to your school community.

Contact James Rusmir on 0413 419 226 or email [email protected]

Before School Care. After School Care. School Holiday Programs.

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As MSP Photography is Australia's largest school photography service provider, photographing more than 1 million pre-school, primary school and high school students across Australia each year, it would make sense to tell you that MSP Photography is the biggest and the best in the industry.

But did you know that MSP Photography is made up of 25 local businesses, owned and operated by people who care deeply about the schools they service? Investing in long-term partnerships with schools, each MSP Photography business owner is part of their local community and enjoys lending their support where possible.

To book call 1800 069 976 or visit the website for more information 


Victorian schools have chosen MSP Photography for more than 20 years.

MSP ensures student data is safe and secure by only using encrypted data transfers, providing an online proofing tool, and allowing parents the option to order safely online. They are our school photography partner of choice and we recommend their services to all Victorian schools.

Andrew Dalgleish
VPA President