Our Association

The Victorian Principals Association (VPA) is a professional association that recognises the opportunities and challenges that are faced by educational leaders and actively advocates for them in their complex roles of school leadership, by ensuring they are connected, united and empowered. The VPA was originally formed in 1971 to represent the professional interests of principals in Victorian primary schools. Today the organisation has grown, representing Educational Leaders – Principal Class and Leading Teachers - in Victorian government schools.

Our Vision
The VPA seeks to shape the future of education through effective, progressive leadership. We value collegiality, integrity, learning, commitment and representation of school leaders. The VPA aims to provide a range of key services and support for leaders in Victorian government primary schools. School leaders are kept up to date with information that affects the education sector, participate in professional learning and are represented at State, Federal and International levels. We operate under three key pillars:

  1. Professional Services and Support
  2. Professional Advocacy
  3. Professional Learning

Please take a read of our Strategic Direction for 2023-2024 for an overview of what we strive to achieve as an Association. You can view this file as a PDF. 

We Value
Collegiality, Integrity, Learning, Commitment and Representation.

How we are governed
The following structure enables the business of the VPA to be conducted in a democratic and participatory manner:

  1. VPA Board
  2. VPA Council
  3. VPA Regional Groups
  4. Members

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