Move more, sit less: Transform-Us! helps improve children’s wellbeing and learning

Transform-Us! is a whole-of-school approach to physical activity which promotes moving throughout the day to help students’ learn and improve their health and wellbeing. Evidence shows that active children have better brain and mental health. Transform-Us! aims to help teachers keep their students engaged and enjoying lessons. The program is not about squeezing more into teachers’ already crowded curriculum: Transform-Us! is about doing differently not about doing more.
Transform-Us! supports children to move more and sit less throughout the day by:

  • Integrating movement into classroom lessons; and
  • Providing supportive environments through small changes to the school classroom and playground

Transform-Us! is offered for free online to all Victorian primary school teachers and Principals - click here for more information and to sign-up online for free today.


The Transform-Us! team at Deakin University have created a resource pack for teachers and parents to ensure kids stay active while maintaining social isolation. Visit the website to download the free Family Activity Pack!