2024 Key Dates

We have a number of events across the year that are aimed at building your networking contacts and enhancing your professional development so you can be an effective leader in your school community. 

We also acknowledge many important dates that recognise the tireless efforts that Principal Class Members and teachers have on students and their futures, as well as other important dates that champion diversity and equality. 

Some key dates for your diaries are below. 

Council Meetings:
Thursday 29 Feb - Friday 1 March Council & Board Planning Days
Friday 17 May Council
Friday 26 July Council
Friday 22November Council & Annual General Meeting

Board Meetings:
Wednesday February 14 Board meeting
Thursday 2 Feb - Friday 1 March Board & Council Planning Days
Wednesday March 27 Board meeting
Wednesday June 5 Board meeting
Wednesday July 17 Board meeting
Wednesday September 4 Board meeting 
Wednesday October 23 Board meeting 
Friday 22 November Annual General Meeting of the Victorian Principals Association Incorporated
Wednesday December4 Board meeting

Regional Meetings:

Friday August 2 Principals' Day 2024
Thursday 22 - Friday 23 August VPA Annual Conference