The VPA and CEP have worked together to present a study tour of Canada. On this incredible 14-day tour, participants visit high-performing Canadian schools, meet with leading educational speakers, and unlock innovative tools to improve student outcomes.

This unique professional development experience takes place in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver with like-minded leaders in the education sector. 

Program Aims:

  • To understand strategies and opportunities to develop strong leadership capacity and succession planning in schools.
  • To identify the successful strategies adopted to improve the precision of teaching practice and collective capacity to meet every student’s learning needs.  
  • To identify successful strategies and processes across schools, and networks of schools, that contribute to improved outcomes in literacy and numeracy.
  • To explore the concept of 'what makes schools high performing and how do these schools sustain improvement in their data and culture'?
  • To develop an understanding of how school leaders foster collaboration, engagement and empowerment of all partners in the education system to enable all students to achieve their potential. 
Check out Debbie Humphries presentation of the 2019 tour here.