Principals’ Day will be back again in 2024 - mark it in your calendars now - Friday August 2.

Principals' Day 2023

Poster for Principals' Day 2023 featuring a woman wearing a home-made superhero costume and posing dramatically. The image features logos from the VPA and the Victorian Department of Education.

On Friday, August 4, educators and their communities across Victoria (and throughout Australia) marked the annual celebration of Principals' Day, an event that shines a well-deserved spotlight on the dedicated individuals steering the ship of education—school principals, assistant principals, and leading teachers.

Our principals and assistant principal teams are phenomenal, and work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure government schools are places of quality and inclusion, so it was truly fantastic to see how far Principals’ Day has spread. This year we were excited to see Principals’ Day promoted across a range of channels including the VPA regions, but also in other states around Australia.

We heard tales of scrumptious morning teas and before-school meetups at cafes, saw examples of handmade artworks, hand-delivered chocolates, and fresh floral bouquets. From special assemblies and awards ceremonies to creative art displays and heartfelt messages, each school community had their own way of showing thanks and appreciation.

The VPA would like to acknowledge everyone who supported or took part in the day—school leaders, teachers, students and parents, the Department of Education, and even the VPA’s wonderful business partners who went out of their way to share the celebration. A big thanks to you all.

We hope every school leader out there received the recognition they deserve and the day left you feeling seen and appreciated by your communities.

A special write-up by Deborah Grossek about Jenny Atta's Principals' Day visit to her school

Jenny Atta, Secretary for Education, came to visit our school for several hours on Friday 4 August, Principals Day. I was thrilled to be able to show her around our school and into classrooms. Our Foundation students were enjoying activities relating to their recent 100 Days of Schooling, our Year 5 students were engaged in VEX robotics and a science class, whilst our Year 1 students were working on their writing. They were excited to welcome Jenny and show her their work. A highlight was our special morning tea where the staff presented our Principal Class team with flowers, engaged us in an amusing quiz and welcomed Jenny to our school. Other highlights of Jenny’s visit was the time she spent talking with myself, our leadership team and our student leaders. Our Senior Education Improvement Leader, Jo Wastle, also came to see our school.