Leadership in Focus Journal Closure


Our Leadership in Focus editor, Debra Crouch, has decided to finish after 21 years of superb work ensuring the high quality and pertinence of the journal’s contents. So it is with some sadness, that we announce that the Victorian Principals Association (VPA) will cease publication of its quarterly journal, Leadership in Focus at the end of 2015.  The decision not to continue producing the journal has also been prompted by rising production costs accentuated by the movement away from print to digital publications.


Consequently, the Spring edition of Leadership in Focus is the penultimate edition.

The Summer edition, that will be sent out in November, will be the final edition.


The VPA would like to take this opportunity to thank Debra, Arthur Toussaint, the Journal Manager and the Editorial Team comprised of Andrew Popov, Michele Nolan, Glenn Butler, Kerry Clayton. Kevin Mackay, Esther Wood, Graham Spence and Roderick Crouch, for the outstanding work they have done producing the journal.  We would also like to thank all of our contributors and subscribers, who helped make this journal such a success.  


In 2016 a new annual VPA publication will be provided to members.  More details will follow.


Further Information

Victorian Principals Association
PHONE: (03) 8379 4000
FAX: (03) 9326 9950
EMAIL: info@vpa.org.au




Ms Debra J. Crouch
Executive Editor
MOBILE: 0413 009 988
EMAIL: debrajoycrouch@gmail.com

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